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Pregnancy Loss Week: Call for Submissions

Beloved - Des Mitchell

From the moment that we see that first faint double-line on the pregnancy test – straining our eyes to see it, holding it up under different light - we start to imagine what life will be like with that new little person growing inside of us.  And so, when we loose that baby, what’s lost is not ever going to be replaced…not by a future baby…not by a successful pregnancy. What goes with him or her are the hopes and dreams that you had for THAT child, nevermind the faith in your body to actually carry a child to term.

Since pregnancy loss is a sad but common occurence, I felt that we should deal that too and hopefully gain strength and hope from each other’s experience – hence, Pregnancy Loss Week (August 23 - 27, 2010).

As part of Pregnancy Loss Week, I am asking for submissions for a blog ˝carnival˝ around any and all of the following topics:

  • How the loss of a pregnancy(ies) changed you as a mother to your living or future children
  • How your experience of future pregnancy/ies changed as a result of the loss
  • What actions did you take to memorialize the lost child/children
  • The grandparent’s perspective

The way a blog carnival works is this…

Write a separate post about one or more of the above topics.  At the top of the post, please insert the following text (bolded and italicized and the links are provided in parentheses):

This post was written for inclusion in the Pregnancy Loss Week Blog Carnival (attention blogger, please hyperlink ‘Pregnancy Loss Week Blog Carnival’ to:http://community.fertilityflower.com/blog-home/pregnancy-loss-week-call-for-submissions/).  Please join us at Fertility Flower (attention blogger, please hyperlink ‘Fertility Flower’ to: http://community.fertilityflower.com) for the week of August 23-27, 2010 where we will be featuring articles, posts and artwork about pregnancy loss.

Then, send me an email at hello {at} fertilityflower {dot} com with a link to your post. If you don’t have a blog of your own, let me know. I’ll be happy to find a home for it.

Submissions are due by August 8th, 2010.

In addition, if you have any artwork or photography centered on the topic of pregnancy loss that you would like to share, I have set up a Flickr group called Innocence Lost: making art through pregnancy loss. The Flickr group will run continuously (there is no closing date), so feel free to post at any point going forward.


  1. I am really looking forward to participating and to reading all of the submissions. Great project. Thank you.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Thanks Brooke! I’m looking forward to it too.


    I just took a look at your blog. My gosh, I didn’t know that you just lost a baby – looks like around 10/11 weeks. I’m so sorry, Brooke.