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Regaining Normalcy After A Baby

I’m chewing on a lot these days, more than ever before. Between the Fertility Flower project and my family life, I have a lot to process. But, in the last week or so and for whatever reason, I am starting to feel more like myself – competent, making progress, organized. The house is what I would even call ‘clean’. Prior to Blanka, I had heaps of motivation, ideas, plans, etc. and that didn’t change after Blanka’s arrival. What did change for me was my ability to execute those plans, bring those ideas to light.

Her schedule is now my schedule. Her needs are my needs. Same ‘ole story. And yes, there are times that I wish (and even plead) for a few more minutes so that ‘mommy can finish this sentence’ but more often than not, the sentence remains a fragment until the next nap. C’est la vie. This is what Jessi Arias-Cooper was talking about in her post Origins of a Real Mom Revolution.

I know all new parents go through this – the period of adjustment after a new family member enters the picture. The re-alignment occurs for many around the first birthday, according to our discussion of the topic on the Fertility Flower Facebook page. For me, with Blanka at 10 months, I’m enjoying the sense that I am finally starting to claw my way back to the surface. I still don’t complete all that I’d like. I think I can kiss those days goodbye. In fact, most of my projects/ideas don’t even get started these days. But there is the perception of a wisp of change in the air and for me, that might be the most important thing.

So, chin up new mommies. The disaster area that is your life right now doesn’t last forever!

For you experienced moms, how long did it take for post-partum normalcy to return?