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Stepping Down from The Edge – Calming Your Fears During Labor

I will always remember a story told by another mama in our natural childbirth community. She was a labor doula, and was studying to become a midwife. She had coached countless women within our community during their births, and she was valued for her calm and encouraging exterior. When you were in labor, she wasread more of this

Calming Fears of Childbirth During Pregnancy

Although childbirth is one of the most natural and ancient things a woman does, the fear of childbirth pain and complications is nearly as natural and ancient. Many traditional cultures consider a woman’s first birth to be a significant rite of passage. It is in this space that a woman faces down some of herread more of this

Preventing Autism During Infancy

Earlier in your pregnancy, you may have read about how preventing autism later in your child’s life begins when you are pregnant. While autism and all the autism spectrum disorders like ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and tic disorders can have a genetic predisposition, prenatal nutrition and environment also affect whether or not aread more of this

Avoiding Autism Begins In Utero

Autism gets a lot of news press lately. The disorder seems to carry as many questions as symptoms. Why do some children end up with autism? Why does it seem as if there are more children with autism than in the past? Why does it present itself differently in different children, and is there anyread more of this

3 Subtle Symptoms Worth Your Attention

Many changes that women experience during pregnancy are perfectly normal. It is amazing that our bodies can shift and our muscles can stretch so fully as to grow another little person. Definitely there are twinges, aches, creaks, and groans to be expected. But some symptoms actually signify a specific nutritional deficiency that should be addressedread more of this

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Doula

Have you ever wondered why women hire doulas and whether this type of support person is someone you need on your birth team? Doulas are birth professionals who can fill specific roles in both the hospital and home birthing environments. While a doctor, nurse, and midwife is focused mainly on the health of your babyread more of this

An Essential Reading List for Natural Childbirth

For mothers planning to have a non-medicated birth and their labor partners, the more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll get the birth outcome you hope for. The four books below have just what you need. Birthing From Within, by Pam England and Rob Horowitz If you are planning to give birth naturally forread more of this

Childbirth Preparation Classes: Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

In a word, YES, especially if you’re planning a natural childbirth. The reality of natural labor and birthing is overwhelming when you aren’t prepared for it. Stubborn avoidance of medications can get you through early labor, but in active labor, the contractions just don’t stop. The unceasing swell of cramp after cramp with little downtimeread more of this

3 Ways to Work Through the Fear of Pregnancy Loss

When we are hoping and trying for a new baby, the morning we read a positive result on an early pregnancy test is one of the most joyous times in our lives. We hope that it is the beginning page to many long chapters to come. ​Sometimes, after a few days, the hope we feelread more of this

How To Assess Cervical Fluid

By @fertilityflower Kimberly from FertilityFlower here. Fertility charting can be sort of confusing when you’re starting out. You see that it’s massively popular with women these days by the shear volume of information about it but you might also be overwhelmed by it all. I mean, who really examined their cervical fluid before this? Iread more of this